Saturday, April 26, 2014

Egypt Reports First MERS Case as Saudi Toll Climbs Again

An Egyptian man is hospitalized in Cairo with MERS
Egyptian State TV is reporting the first case of MERS in Egypt, the fifth nation this month to report initial infections with the deadly virus. The announcement comes as Saudi Arabia reported 14 more cases today with four deaths.

A 27 year old Egyptian man is being treated for pneumonia and in stable condition in a Cairo hospital after he was diagnosed with MERS.

The man had recently returned from Saudi Arabia where he had been living in Riyadh, the location of numerous recent MERS infections.

This month has seen new MERS infections in Greece, Yemen, Malaysia and the Philippines. The spread of the virus into new locations comes as the Arabian Peninsula has seen a sharp increase in cases, especially in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Fourteen new cases were reported in Saudi Arabia today, a continuation of a week which has seen new infections reported nearly every day and brings the grim total to 323 cases in the Saudi Kingdom and 94 deaths. 83 of those cases have been reported in the last week. April alone has seen 102 infections with 22 deaths in the Kingdom.

In the latest announcement by the new Saudi Minister of Health, Riyadh reported four new cases of the virus, including one death. Mecca reports three new infections and one fatality. Hard-hit Jeddah reports seven additional cases and three deaths. Four of the cases are workers in the health care sector, including a nurse without symptoms from King Fahad Hospital in Jeddah.

Four of the cases are asymptomatic (without symptoms), four are hospitalized in stable condition and two victims are in intensive care units.

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