Saturday, March 1, 2014

Egyptian Woman Tests Negative for MERS

Egypt's First Deputy Minister of Health for Preventive Science, Dr. Amr Kandil, said today that a woman from Aswan who had reportedly died of MERS has tested negative for the virus.

He had characterized the February 28 report as "just a case of suspicion" and said samples had been sent for testing.

A previous suspected case of MERS in Egypt in October, 2013 was found to be H1N1.

Suspicions that the woman had contracted MERS were raised when she became ill while performing Umrah pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.

The woman, aged 56 years, was diagnosed with pneumonia in a hospital in Medina. She returned home to Egypt where she was admitted to Assiut University Hospital where she passed away.

Dr. Kandil stressed that Egypt is free of MERS so far.

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