Saturday, February 8, 2014

Third MERS Death in Jordan

MERS virus
Jordan's Ministry of Health announced a state of emergency and raised monitoring levels after the death of a Jordanian man from the MERS virus, according to Alrai News.

The man, who was reported to be in his eighties and suffered from Leukemia, makes the second death in Jordan from MERS in the last two weeks.

Dr. Bassam Hijjawi, Health Care chief at the Ministry of Health said they have been screening contacts of the man and samples have so far been negative.

It is unknown how he contracted the virus, but Hijjawi speculated he may have been exposed when out of the country two months before he became ill.

The World Health Organization recently confirmed MERS was responsible for the death of a 46 year old Jordanian man on January 26. He had recently returned from the UK where he had traveled for treatment of an unrelated illness.

Dr. Hijjawi said that courses and workshops have been organized to train doctors and nurses on how to recognize and treat the virus.

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