Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Oman Reports Second MERS Death

Oman reports their second MERS death.
The Ministry of Health for the Sultanate of Oman is reporting the second death in that country from the MERS virus.

The latest victim was a 59 year old man who was in the hospital and being treated for lung failure and pneumonia. He passed away on December 30.

The single previous case of MERS in Oman was a man admitted to the hospital in Nizwa in October and who died on November 10.

An Omani citizen who was visiting the Emirates in October became ill with the virus during his stay. He was hospitalized in Abu Dhabi, UAE and passed away on November 8.

The announcement stated that "The Ministry of Health is fully prepared to deal with these cases, and immediate action by the response team will take the actions required for each case."

Yesterday, the World Health Organization officially recognized an additional six cases of MERS, bringing the total laboratory confirmed infections to 176, including 74 deaths. Today's announcement of the recent Omani fatality is not included in the latest totals.

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