Thursday, November 7, 2013

Saudi Officials Report Two More MERS Cases

Saudi Health Officials report two more MERS infections
Image from CNN
CIDRAP announced that Saudi health officials are reporting two more cases of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in Saudi Arabia. They also confirmed the previously reported Omani man who is ill with the virus in the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi.

The statement, issued in Arabic from the Saudi Ministry of Health, states the first Saudi victim is a 72 year old man from Riyadh. He is in stable condition in ICU and suffers from pre-existing medical conditions.

The second case is a 42 year old man who was previously healthy. He is from the Jeddah region and is not believed to have traveled outside the area.

The previously reported case in UAE involves a 75 year old Omani man who became ill while in Abu Dhabi. The man is in ICU and raises the total MERS infections in UAE to eight. The country of Oman recently reported it's first case of the virus.

When confirmed by the World Health Organization, these new cases will bring the total MERS infections to 154 with 64 deaths worldwide.

According to the International Society of Travel Medicine's Philippe Parola, MD, PhD., testing of suspected cases is ongoing, with emphasis on returning Hajj travelers. Cases of influenza A have been reported in France and Canada, and many have tested positive for the H3N2 subtype.

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