Monday, November 11, 2013

Omani MERS Patient Dies in UAE

November 11, 2013

Health officials from Abu Dhabi, capital city of the UAE, have announced the death of the 75 year old Omani man from Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) who was reported ill earlier this week.

The man was visiting the country in October when he became sick with the virus. He was hospitalized and receiving treatment, but passed away on November 8.

Earlier this week, Oman reported the death of the first MERS victim in that country. He was a 68 year old man who was suffering from several pre-existing medical conditions. He experienced symptoms of fever, cough and shortness of breath for a week before succumbing to the disease.

The World Health Organization issued an update today and puts laboratory confirmed infection totals at 153 with 64 deaths. These numbers will likely rise as more reported cases are verified by the WHO.

Six countries have reported MERS infections or deaths just this week:

Nov 4: Saudi Arabia reports another death from the virus.
Nov 6: Spain reports a woman with MERS who has recently returned from the Hajj.
Nov 7: UAE Reports an Omni citizen is hospitalized with the virus.
Nov 7: Saudi Arabia reports two more infections with the MERS virus.
Nov 8: Qatar reports the eighth victim of the disease in that country.
Nov 10: Oman reports the death of the first MERS victim in that country.
Nov 10: Saudi Arabia reports another fatality in the KSA.
Nov 11: UAE reports death of visiting Omani citizen.
Nov 11: India reports a woman returning from the Hajj is diagnosed with MERS.

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