Friday, November 22, 2013

More MERS Deaths in Qatar, Saudi Arabia

MERS virus from the CDC
Saudi Arabia and Qatar are reporting more deaths from the deadly MERS virus. Both countries reported fatalities from the disease just two days ago.

The Saudi Health Ministry posted a brief, machine translated statement on Thursday which said a 37 year old man from Riyadh had died. No further information was given about the case. The Health Ministry website puts the total infections in that country at 130 with 55 deaths.

Qatar also reported another death from the MERS virus. The victim was a 48 year old foreign worker, just as the two previous cases in the country which were reported earlier this week. On Tuesday, a statement from CIDRAP said that one MERS victim in Qatar had died and another had recovered and been released from the hospital.

The latest cases have not been confirmed by the World Health Organization yet. The latest statement from WHO, dated November 18, put the total, laboratory confirmed, MERS infections worldwide at 157 with 66 deaths.

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