Saturday, November 16, 2013

MERS Claims Two More LIves; WHO Confirms More Cases

 MERS corona virus  image from ajc1 / flickr
Two more patients infected with the MERS virus have died, according to the World Health Organization via the Center for Infectious Disease and Policy (CIDRAP). They have also confirmed two suspected cases as MERS.

A 75 year old Omani man passed away in UAE on November 10. He became ill on October 1 and was hospitalized on October 12. He suffered from diabetes and was a heavy smoker. He was reported to be the second victim from Oman and the sixth in the UAE.

In Qatar, a 61 year old man who was reported as an expatriate has been confirmed to have the virus. He became ill on November 4 and was hospitalized on November 7. He suffers from chronic medical conditions and is in critical condition. WHO reports he had been exposed to farm animals.

A previously confirmed victim in Oman has passed away. According to CIDRAP, he was a 68 year old man with chronic medical conditions who was reported on October 30

The World Health Organization now puts the total laboratory confirmed MERS infections worldwide at 155, including 66 fatalities.

A recent report published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases reported that the majority of milder cases are not being reported due to virus surveillance policies which have focused primarily on critically ill patients.

A second report from the WHO MERS-CoV Research Group stated. "Given that many cases are probably being missed, the reported cases "probably represent the severe end of a wide clinical spectrum of disease,"

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